Wee Update

So I haven’t blogged for a while, but I’m still working on this project. I’ve had a couple of busy months and I’ve fallen a little behind in my time schedule, but working hard to complete this project now.

Once complete I will have more time and I will update this blog with all my development and final outcomes.


A few thoughts…..

Tomorrow is submission day for the Research and Planning stages of this project and as usual as a deadline draws near I start to wonder if I have covered everything.  A few thoughts have popped into my head which I feel the need to record here as my blog posts get printed off and stuck in my sketchbook. It’s strange but when I blog I always seem to write with more of a flow and sometimes more ideas pop into my crazy head.

The brief says “the packaging is to be no bigger than a VHS case”, (20.3 x 12.1 x 2.9cm) it does not have to be a VHS case and it does not  say it has to be a box! This has got me thinking a little “outside the box”. I could make a drawstring bag or zipped bag as long as it is within the required size.  Printable fabric is available from   http://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/category/Print-On-Fabrics . I love this website and have used it before when I have required a different medium to print on using my ink jet printer. Even though this packaging is going to be relatively small, if items from within it are used while in Ibiza then this has the advantage of becoming smaller (more room in your case for souvenirs).

*I have just discovered I already have 2 sheets of iron-on printable fabric in my Craft Stash (it’s amazing what I buy and forget I have).* so a bag is becoming a real possibility!

If I was to use or create a card box then this needs to be sturdy enough so it does not get crushed.  I like the style of the Toffifee box with its sliding draw (smaller than VHS case), but I feel the card this box is made of is definitely not strong enough for the project’s needs. If I was to create a box in this style I would have to use a sturdier card!


Conclusion: I still have not decided if I will create a bag or box for the packaging, I feel this decision will be made as I develop the creative designs, as some will suit being printed on a bag while others will maybe look better on a box. Both options will be continually considered throughout the design process.

I have also sourced another item that could be included in the Survival Kit; this is for Health & Safety.  I found a small First Aid Kit in Asda for just £1; I purchased 2 and later discovered that they each contain different items, which gives me the option of what I may include in my kit.

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I’ve at last got my hands on a VHS case…….looks bigger than I remember 🙂 and it is a very sturdy container to use as packaging. I could just use this and create a new wrap around label for it, but then in my opinon that would be too easy and where is the challenge in that! It’s good to have a VHS case now though as a visual guide to the dimensions I must work within.




Continuing with my research I have been looking at a few designers/artists for inspiration. I already knew about Roy Lichenstein, whose work I have always admired and his cartoon like pop art seems to be timeless. I then found Yo Az, Lora Zombie and Andrew Wong who all have different styles and work in different mediums. I love their artwork and I feel that some of it would  appeal to my target market. There are elements and techniques within all the artwork that I have looked at that I find inspiring and I am looking at trying out some of these throughout the development of my design.

So far my research has made me think that the colours I will be using in my design will be bright and colourful to reflect the  Mediterranean sunny holiday feel and the lights and cocktails in the night clubs.

I have also started to source a few items that have the potential of being in the Survival Kit. I have condoms, small spray hand sanitizer, tissues, tiny toothbrush and toothpaste and a torch that is like a little light bulb, but when folded flat is only the size of a credit card.


the start of my sketchbook…

is research, research, research

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still a little more research to do as there are a couple of things I would like to look into a little further.

A new project begins…

As with all projects this begins with a brief, which after reading and analysing I Restate the Brief so I am sure of what is expected of me and give the client an idea of what I am thinking of creating.

As we get to choose what the Survival Kit is for I started with a quick mindmap and came up with quite a few ideas. I finally settled on creating an Ibiza Survival Kit, which will contain some serious items but some fun things too. I decided on this as I remember when my son went on his first holiday with his friends, I kept saying “have you packed ……..? Have you got……? Do you know ……..?” and totally annoying him! This Survival Kit could contain all those little things that when you’re excited about your holiday you might not think about……little things for little emergencies……. just little things because this must all fit inside a container or packaging no larger than a video case.

I have created a Time Schedule, to keep me on track and remind me of important stages of the project and hopefully ensure that I complete the project on time. The Final Submission date for this project is 19th May 2014, with me having to give a 15 minute Final Presentation on 26th May 2014.

The last couple of projects that I have done, I have more or less kept a digital sketchbook, but this time as I have an A3 sketchbook handy I have decided to go back to how I used to work  and sketch and stick research, development etc into this. I am hoping this will help fuel my creativity and not make me so digitally reliant and get me away from my computer sometimes and back into more mixed media work. Will my Final Design be mixed media or totally digital? We will just have to wait and see how my ideas develop along the way. The one drawback of not having a totally digital sketchbook is that I will have to take photos of my sketchbook pages to upload here, this will take up a little more of my time. Now if it had been an A4 sketchbook I could of scanned the pages, oh well! too late now A3 is what I’m working with and I’ve got bigger pages to get creative on 🙂

I have almost completed my research and this will posted soon once I have taken photos of the sketchbook pages. I say my research is amost complete, but really I still research further while I am developing. I have also started to source and collect small items to go into the Survival Kit, as I didn’t want to leave this too late. Having these items in front of me will help me decide on what size container or packaging I will need to contain the Survival Kit. While I am designing the outer packaging or labelling for container, I will be able to look at the sizes and shapes of these items as they all need to be labelled too.

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